Our WaterMaker Products & Services

Johnson Electronics is committed to providing our clients with the safest and most comfortable experience aboard their vessels. Running out of water within a few days is a hassle. Tapping into local water at remote locations brings about questions of safety, health and contaminants. There is nothing worse than having a fun journey ruined over illness picked up from substandard fresh water. Thesolution? Making your own water, on board! Having access to plenty of freshwater for drinking, cooking, bathing, showers and equipment maintenance can significantly enhance the boating experience for not only the client, but for the entire crew. High-powered, high-volume water makers have been a staple of cruise ships and mega-yachts for decades. Johnson Electronics is committed to recreating this comfortable experience for vessels and crews of all sizes.  

For smaller vessels, limited space can become a hurdle for large water storage. Also, power production and output is a determining factor when installing high power consumption systems. Johnson Electronics designs systems so that our clients never have to compromise comfort and choose between an insufficient water maker and insufficient power to run other systems. Efficient, high-output low-power-consumption water makers are our specialty.