Our Communication Products & Services

Johnson Electronics offers the latest in Onboard Communications solutions. Whether the project involves new construction, refit or updating existing communications systems, Johnson Electronics has the answers to the toughest questions and the experience for an industry-leading installation expertise.

Never again be disconnected from work or loved ones when enjoying a day on the high seas. With systems like Cobham and KVH, Johnson Electronics is able to integrate any vessel to provide state-of-the-art communication via quality internet and satellite phone service, all via a simple monthly rate. Staying connected with systems from Johnson Electronics gives our clients the opportunity to get away and enjoy a break from shore on their vessel without having to cut off access to family and work. With steady communications, vessels can also communicate with the dock to reserve your place on shore before arrival.

Johnson Electronics knows the ins and outs of communication gear integration for satellite, VHF, and Cellular needs to provide seamlessly-integrated communications solutions on any vessel, anywhere. Using AutoCad and all the advanced computer methods at our disposal, Johnson Electronics will produce a successful Onboard Communications System for any client.